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End of the Year Activities for May 26-28

Animal Academy Training- 1-2 Day Activity

Welcome to Denver Zoo’s Virtual Animal Academy, where animal experts like you get a chance to utilize your science skills in order to complete challenges!

Do you have what it takes to complete this rigorous training program?!

We bet you do! You can visit the Denver Zoo Animal Academy page or use the links to videos and materials below.

*All materials that you need are linked on this page. Please note: this activity can be done in one day or you may spread it out over two days.

You will need:

  • Your sense of wonder and your science eyes to observe and discover
  • Your questioning mind to ask questions, and look for answers
  • pencil or pen
  • paper or notebook
  • markers or crayons-optional
  • documenting tool

(1) Watch the Mission video HERE or visit the Denver Zoo Animal Academy page.

(2) Next, watch the Animal Academy Training video HERE or visit the Denver Zoo Animal Academy page. Have fun recording your observations on the documenting tool or on your paper/notebook. If you like, draw a complete picture of your animal.

(3) CONGRTULATIONS!!! You are a Denver Zoo animal expert. Your teacher will email you your official Spots and Stripes badge!!

(4) If you want, you can share your exciting findings during Thursday’s Zoom meeting with your class.

(5) Feel free to explore more of the Denver Zoo online HERE.


Watch this special video that your Spanish teachers created in preparation for DLI Day on Wednesday. Click HERE to watch. Click on each flag to explore fun and exciting Spanish speaking countries!



Animal Academy Training- 1-2 Day Activity

Please see Tuesday’s directions above.



Class Zoom

Today is the last of school! Please join your class for one last time! If you like, bring your discoveries about animal adaptations to the meeting to share!

Mrs. Branch’s Students click HERE to Zoom

Mr. Dolence’s Students click HERE to Zoom