Haley Garver and Elena Martinez OWL Information

Prinicpal Heather Moro presents Haley Garver and Elena Martinez with an OWL award for their willingness to step forward as leaders.

A statement about Haley Garver and Elena Marinez from Principal Heather Moro:

Our special education PLC meetings have been a challenge lately and we lost our focus on why we are meet in the first place – Students. Together, Haley and Elena looked towards the positive, took into account what we could control, and worked together to restructure our meetings to shift the focus back to impacting students in creative ways using a team problem solving approach. We have made some mistakes and are learning from them quickly to get back on track. A huge thank you to Haley and Elena for recognizing a need for change and taking the initiative to find a better path. Way to show outstanding wisdom and leadership!