Business Department
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Abbie Connally 
Business Manager 




Trish Oppie
Accounts Payable Specialist



Rebecca Stossel
Accounts Payable Assistant







Joyce Engebretson
Payroll & Benefit Analyst

Megan Dirks
Payroll & Benefit Assistant




The Business Department is responsible for development of the annual budget, managing financial operations, contracts, preparing and submitting state financial reports, oversight of operational and financial aspects of capital construction, major maintenance projects and food service. 

2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
Revenue Budget Budget Audited Audited
Local 13,022,900 12,384,900 12,150,397 12,047,476
County/State 46,552,271 47,157,377 47,961,466 47,163,179
Federal 3,655,000 4,175,000 5,923,935 3,602,529
Gen Fund 59,577,671 59,542,277 59,792,489 59,130,107
Federal 3,655,000 4,175,000 4,590,024 4,593,479

Accounts Payable works with vendors through the District purchase order system generated by each school and worksite, vendor payments, developing the bill payment list for the monthly board meeting and processing checks after board approval.

Payroll coordinates the payroll and benefits process for all employees who are paid once per month on the 20th or the Friday prior if the 20th falls on a weekend. Payroll coordinates health, dental and life insurance sign up, changes and payment to our insurance provider.