Being childlike often provides a sense of relief from some of the stress and anxiety of situations.  Blowing bubbles is a technique I learned from my wife who kept some bubbles in her bottom desk drawer when she was doing mergers and acquisitions during our time in Nashville.  Sometimes blowing bubbles in the backyard produced just the right amount of laughter required to deflate any tense situation. Today’s message provides support and encouragement for our teachers and parents during this uncertain time.

Our priority message has been to take care of yourselves and your families first. There are so many aspects of what it means to do this. One that keeps coming up during this unprecedented time is the toll it’s taking on our mental health. The surveys we’ve sent have revealed some of the issues our people are feeling:

  • Anxiety from the unknown: Will schools open again this spring, summer? Will I (or my students) have to work harder in the fall to make up for what’s missed now?
  • Worry: I’m worried about me or my family getting sick. Are our at-risk students OK? How long will I have a job and continue to get paid (especially since I don’t have specific work right now)?
  • Isolation and loneliness of being confined in our homes and away from other people.
  • Stress of trying to juggle family and work obligations.
  • Dealing with the loss of cancelled activities, especially prom and graduation.

We don’t have all the answers for many of these questions, but we keep communicating answers when the next steps can be revealed.  The Governor shared some of the steps we can make in Wyoming to start to reopen.  ACSD#1 will take small, deliberate steps during the next couple of weeks to ease the burden of working remotely and to start putting plans in place to ensure the safety of our students and employees when we can reenter the school buildings.   We will continue to work remotely, but if you need assistance or support during this time, please ask for assistance.

Here is a list of resources to help during this stressful time:

  • A link to the ACSD #1’s EAP program is on our website under employee resources.
  • Local therapists and counselors are using telehealth to serve their clients.  Please contact them for assistance.
  • If you are struggling or know a family in our school district that is struggling, please reach out to us, call 721-4400 or email
  • Here’s an article from Walgreens on how to cope with COVID-19 anxiety & stress.
  • Supportive Talk and Resources (STAR) can be reached at 307-766-5490  (UW Social Work Students)
  • If you’re affected by social isolation check out this article.

Please continue to practice social distancing and be diligent about washing your hands.

Be Safe and Stay Healthy