LARAMIE, Wyo. (January 20, 2021) – Albany County School District #1is seeking feedback from parents, teachers, staff, and administrators on a second round of options for the 2022-23 academic calendar. Below is a summary of the options, and here is a link to a short, three-questions survey about the calendars. Additionally, here is a PDF of the proposed calendars.

Both options include the early release on Fridays for all students, as that option received overwhelming support in the first round of feedback. Over 56 percent of respondents voiced their support for early days on Fridays. The difference between the two new options is how Winter Break is scheduled.

Option 1 has a Winter Break that is scheduled from Monday, Dec. 19, through Friday, Dec. 30. Students would return to school on Monday, Jan. 2.

Option 2 has a Winter Break that is scheduled from Monday, Dec. 26, through Friday, Jan. 6. Students would return to school Monday, Jan. 9.

The two options were brought forward after the first round of feedback. Some respondents mentioned the desire to have more travel time before Christmas, while others hoped for more travel time after New Year’s Day.

Overall, at the first round of feedback, 56.1 percent of respondents supported Option C, expressing their support for half days on Fridays. Additionally, 25.5 percent supported Option A, which had the Winter Break scheduled the same as Option 1 in this new round of feedback, while 18.3 percent supported Option B, which had a staggered Winter Break that gave more time after New Year’s Day.

During the time before the 2022-23 school year starts, ACSD#1 is looking at options to fill afternoons between Noon and 3 p.m. on Fridays. The school district is looking at partnering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, as well as the University of Wyoming, for STEM activities. ACSD#1 will continue to look for options during the upcoming year.

Additionally, elementary students are require to have 900 seat hours. In our current schedule, students are closer to 1,200 hours. A proposed early release on Fridays would not drop children below the 900 seat hour requirement.

The survey will close after Friday, Jan. 29. Thank you for your help as the school district continues to discuss these calendar options.

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