LARAMIE, Wyo. (December 1, 2020) – Albany County School District #1 (ACSD) held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Slade Elementary School Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. The socially-distanced event was held at the corner of 15th and Reynolds streets, inside the auxiliary gym behind the Old Deti Stadium.

“It’s probably important that it’s so close to Thanksgiving, that there is an overriding theme of gratefulness that we have today,” said district superintendent Dr. Jubal Yennie, who made the opening remarks at the ceremony. “Throughout this celebration this morning, you’ll find out how grateful we are, not only for the community we live in, but also for the state we live in. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us and for the students in the community of Laramie.”

State Superintendent Jillian Balow, Representative Dan Furphy, Representative Cathy Connolly and Senator Chris Rothfuss all joined Superintendent Yennie by speaking at the event. Additionally, Randy Richardson of Richardson Construction, Inc., the contractor for this project, made a few remarks before sending everyone outside with the golden shovels for the ceremony.

Third grade students from Slade Elementary school also made the trip over to watch the ceremony. They were welcomed by all the speakers, especially Balow, who is a Slade alumna, herself.

All of the event’s speakers, as well as board of trustees members, Slade principal Heather Moro, district staff, and construction crew made the ceremonial groundbreaking outside the auxiliary gym in front of the Slade students and teachers.

The new Slade Elementary is scheduled to have substantial completion on June 30, 2022, and ready to be used starting in the 2022-23 school year. The total construction cost is $17,581,000 with a total construction budget of $19,200.000.

The new elementary school will cover 63,096 square feet, including an auxiliary gym, on a nine-acre project site. The school can serve up to 440 students.

This project was first approved on April 1, 2015 by the School Facilities Commission, but it was halted in 2017 at the 95% level of design. Then, on April 8, 2020, the District and School Facilities department authorized the Plan One/Architects Design Team to renew the work, updating the plans to comply with current building codes.