At the Dec. 9 Board of Education meeting, Albany County School District employees Bethany Ingle, Vonda Barnes, Cindy Barrett, Amy Iddings, and McKenzie Limb were recognized with OWL Awards.

Jason Harshberger and Beth Bear wrote about Bethany Ingle:

“Our five kids have all had incredible experiences with Bethany during their years at Beitel, and she has always been kind, caring, and understanding. Recently, she went above and beyond to help our family through a confusing and emotional time, as we tried to nagivate quarantining our five kids while at different households because we both were positive for COVID-19.”

Justin Pierantoni wrote about Vonda Barnes, Cindy Barrett, and Amy Iddings:
“I would like to recognize the following ladies for their outstanding work during our lunch time this year. At times, we have been short staffed and needed help with supervision. This group consistently, and without waiver, went above and beyond the call to help out entire classrooms through the lunch period. Most notable, they did it without being asked; they saw the need and jumped in. They helped our transition, and our students have a more enjoyable and fulfilling lunch experience.”

Justin Pierantoni wrote about McKenzie Limb:
“I would like to recognize this person for stepping into a new and unknown role for our school this year by building, producing, and publishing weekly videos to promote our GRIT-E philosophy. Her work is very kid-oriented, impactful, and something many look forward to. She is very professional in seeking guidance, support and direction. It has been very enjoyable to see her show this talent.”