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Important Dates

February 10 – Site Council – 3:05pm & PTA meeting – 6:00pm in the Linford Library

February 12 & 13th – Mrs. Lopez’s class skiing

February 16 – 1/2 day for students – dismissal at 11:20am – NO PRESCHOOL

February 20 – Mrs. Gunnerson’s class skiing

February 23 & 24th – Mr. Herrboldt’s class skiing

February 26 – Mr. William’s class skiing

March 3 – McAllister’s Night for Linford

March 5 – Class Picture Day

March 10 – Site Council – 3:05 pm & PTA- 6:00pm in the Linford Library

March 16 – 20th – SPRING BREAK! NO SCHOOL!


Double Dose Calendars and Information

After School Tutoring Program (Double Dose) Information

Linford Elementary School offers an after school program for extended learning Monday – Thursday. You will find monthly calendars for each Double Dose teacher here so that you will know which days may be cancelled ahead of time. All emergency cancellations will be handled by Double Dose teachers by calling each student’s parents that they work with. If you have any questions about who your child works with after school, please feel free to call the office and ask. Thank you!

Mrs. Pullum and Mrs. Hendrickson work with students that are in 1st – 3rd grade.

Mrs. Pullum Double Dose February Calendar

Mrs. Hendrickson Double Dose February Calendar

Double Dose Pullum January Calendar

Mrs. Hendrickson Double Dose January Calendar

Grades 4 – 6th work with Mrs. Verschueren, Ms. Easton, Mrs. Coffin, & Mrs. Hegarty

Double Dose 4th, 5th, 6th Grade February Calendar

Double Dose 4th,5th,6th grade January Calendar

Fifth Grade Cross Country Skiing

Fifth grade classes at Linford will begin cross country skiing during January. Please be sure that your child dresses appropriately for winter conditions on their scheduled days for skiing. If you have any questions regarding the skiing field trips, please contact Molly Garson at Linford, 721-4439.

Classes Scheduled for Skiing:

Mrs. Greener’s 5th grade class – January 26th & 27th

Mrs. Lopez’s 5th grade class – February 12th & 13th

Mr. Herrboldt’s 5th grade class – February 23rd & 24th

February 16th – Half day for students K – 6th Grade

 There will be a half day for students on Monday, February 16, 2015. Dismissal will be at 11:20am for all Kindergarten through 6th Grade students.

There will be NO SCHOOL for Preschool on February 16th.




Linford Mission Statement


Linford is a caring family that celebrates diversity and learning while preparing the whole child for life.

2013-2014 Linford School Improvement Goals

Lion Pride

1. Students will become proficient or advanced readers who are able to demonstrate a refined understanding of vocabulary, an understanding of rich texts, and the ability to summarize and use information from texts.

2. Successfully develop and implement a restructuring plan that effectively defines the major restructuring of the school governance.