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Coming Soon— Cowboy Harmonica

October 13, 2014

Morning Assembly—- Gary Allegretto’s Cowboy Harmonica Assembly 

This educational program has captivating entertainment, fascinating western history, and quick-learn music lessons to engage and teach the harmonica to the students.

Construction Company Selected For New Laramie High School

May 15, 2014

At the School Board meeting Wednesday night, the Board enthusiastically and unanimously approved the recommendation that Haselden Construction be awarded the contract to build our New Laramie High School.

Four excellent companies responded to the Request for Proposals for a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR). After reviewing the proposals and interviewing all four companies, following state guidelines and processes, Haselden received a unanimous endorsement from a committee comprised of both state School Facility Department and District representatives.

With the Board’s approval this week, a contract with Haselden will be issued by the state shortly, with construction scheduled to begin in July.

A new State-of-the-Art High school is coming to Laramie.  We are still moving forward!

Albany County School District 2014-15 Budget Presentation

May 15, 2014

At this week’s School Board meeting, the first presentation of the 2014-2015 District budget was shared, highlighting what it will support.
Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Brian Recht, introduced the agenda item commenting:

With this budget, we are very excited about what we can do for our employees next year, with all employees receiving a significant raise. We are projecting on average, a 3.5% raise for all teachers, while keeping a good health insurance plan with no additional premium cost. This will be the highest raise for our folks in several years, with no ECA in the last four years and this year, a modest 1% ECA from the Legislature. Our goal, the Board’s goal, and my personal goal, has been to always do as much as we can for all our employees and provide a good affordable health insurance plan. This year’s budget is the result of hard work pulling lots of monies together; a 1% ECA, additional ADM (Average Daily Membership – Students) funding, a low increase to current health insurance benefits, accessing state retirement incentive monies, and running a little leaner on materials and equipment, in essence, “stuff,” and shifting those monies to salaries for people. We think it should be a very good year.